We stock beryllium copper products

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We can support quantities to accommodate both high-volume
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Introduction of Jiasheng Group
The company was founded in 2004, it is a beryllium alloy smelting and processing manufacturer , integrating R&D with production and sales.

The main products are beryllium bronze C17200, beryllium nickel copper C17510, beryllium cobalt copper C17500, aluminum bronze C86300,chromium zirconium copper C18150, nickel chromium silicon C18000 and other high-end copper alloy products.

Product application scope: aerospace, oil exploration, ships and automobiles, electronic appliances, various testing equipments, welding consumables, etc.



  • Beryllium Copper Sheet Plate Disk

    We produce Seiko Beryllium copper We provide the parameters for each beryllium copper model CuBe2-UNS.C17200 copper beryllium strips, with regard to CuCo2Be-UNS.C17500 Cobalt Beryllium Copper Strips, CuNi2Be-UNS.C17510 Nickel Beryllium Copper Strips, UNS. C17410 beryllium copper strips Ty...

  • C17510 beryllium cobalt copper alloy

    C17510 is a special beryllium copper alloy, also known as copper-cobalt-beryllium alloy. The composition of the alloy includes copper (Cu), NI and beryllium (Be) and other elements, in which the content of Be is 1.6%-1.8%, the content of Cu is a surplus, and the content of NI is 0.3%-2.5%. C17510...

  • C17200 Beryllium copper

    C17200 Beryllium copper, a full range of beryllium copper is known as the “king of non-ferrous metal elasticity” for all kinds of micro-motor brushes, switches, relays, connectors, temperature controllers, spring sheets, all kinds of spring sheets, with the reliability of products, se...

  • CuCrZr is a chromium-zirconium copper alloy

    Here is a detailed introduction to CuCrZr,CuCrZr Chrome zirconium copper alloy. CuCrZr is a chromium-zirconium copper alloy, mainly composed of copper, chromium, zirconium and other elements. Its main features are as follows: High strength: CuCrZr has good strength and hardness, tensile strength...

  • C17200 beryllium copper material introduction

    C17200 is a copper-beryllium alloy, also known as beryllium copper, which has a chemical composition of copper (Cu) and beryllium (Be), with a copper content of more than 98% and a beryllium content of between 1.8% and 2.0%. It has high strength, high conductivity, corrosion resistance, easy proc...