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About Us


Guangdong JS alloy Material Co.Ltd. was found in 1997. Start from the red copper production, we now become a manufacturer of full range copper material products. Such as red copper, beryllium copper,aluminum bronze,chromium zircon copper. We integrated the research and production together with sales and delivery of the copper material and become a key mould material supplier in south China.

Our main products are: C17200 hard beryllium copper, low hard beryllium copper, C17500 beryllium cobalt copper, C17510 beryllium nickel copper, C17300 easy cutting beryllium copper, C86300 aluminum bronze, C18150 Chromium zirconium copper, pure red copper,drawn red copper,forge red copper,tungsten copper,brass,etc.


We are always adhering to the concept of "honesty, pragmatism, excellence", and continuous technical innovation. We have developed a variety of new products, beryllium copper selection of high quality raw materials, through professional vacuum furnace melting, using semi continuous casting new process, large tonnage forging molding, completely eliminate the product of stoma, blister and other bad phenomena.  To meet the needs of the market and customers, we had developed copper products of beryllium copper plate, bar, tube, beryllium copper sleeve, injection head, beryllium copper casting mold and other types of beryllium copper.  These products are widely used in mold manufacturing, ceramic sanitary ware, electronics, machinery, explosion-proof appliance, aerospace, shipping, oil exploration and other industries. It can be custom made with various specifications or requirements, and can be processed according to your need.  

At the same time, in order to solve the problem of uneven thermal conductivity of traditional beryllium copper, we have specially developed beryllium bronze mold to meet the market competitiveness, which has excellent polishing property, good thermal conductivity, toughness and wear resistance, making it possible to use beryllium copper material to manufacture large molds.  And the material cost advantage is obviously better than materials from Japan, the United States.  



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