• C17510 Beryllium Copper Round Bar (CuNi2Be) | Spot welding electrode arm

    C17510 Beryllium Copper Round Bar (CuNi2Be) | Spot welding electrode arm

    C17510 Beryllium Copper offers a high performance material that provides a unique combination of relatively high electrical and thermal conductivity and high stregnth. Class III Beryllium Copper is a heat treatable copper alloy with a high tensile stregnth. C17510 is utilized when a combination of very good mechanical stregnth along with moderate electrical and thermal conductivity is required. The hardness properties of C17510 Beryllium Copper are comparable to tool steel.

  • CuCr1Zr C18150 plate copper alloy disk | Welding roller

    CuCr1Zr C18150 plate copper alloy disk | Welding roller

    Chromium zirconium Alloy C18150 has good thermal and electrical conductivity. More than 400 types of these copper alloys are available, but C18150 is highly preferred since it has high strength and wear resistance at elevated temperatures. C18150 is used extensively for cap-style resistance welding electrodes. It can provide less sticking and resist deformation for much longer than its copper-chrome counterpart in some specific situations.

    The chemical composition of C18150 is 1% chromium, 98.85% copper, and 0.15% zirconium. The addition of Zirconium to chromium copper improves creep resistance at high operating temperatures and reduces sticking of electrodes to the work during spot welding of galvanized or coated materials. The physical copper properties of C18150 include a density of 8.89 grams per cubic centimeter.

  • C18150 Alloy  copper sleeve

    C18150 Alloy copper sleeve

    JiaSheng copper maintains an expert level of high-quality tooling for all made to spec industrial beryllium copper shafts / sleeves machining projects.
    JiaSheng copper is capable of producing & machining beryllium copper sleeves, shot sleeves, shaft sleeves, shaft sleeves, coupling and the other sleeves according to Customer’s drawing or available samples.
    Tips forms supplied are from rings, discs, square and rectangular sections, further machined to exact dimensions as well as customers’ required specification.

  • CuBeNi bar rod Beryllium copper uns c17510 | New energy Battery detection probe

    CuBeNi bar rod Beryllium copper uns c17510 | New energy Battery detection probe

    C17510 Beryllium Copper Alloy, also known as alloy 3,  gets its strength from precipitation heat treating. The grade of the C17510 material has a very high yield-strength-to-conductivity ratio and is good for moderate stress applications where galling is a concern. C17510 is used mainly in aerospace and plastic mold tooling industries, this product is ideal for small electronic connector and mold tooling applications including pylon bushings for large turbine engines, conductors, relay parts, and roll pins.

  • C17510  CuNi2Be | Electrode holder rod

    C17510 CuNi2Be | Electrode holder rod

    C17510 Beryllium Copper Welding processes such as brazing, soldering, gas shielded arc welding, butt welding, seam welding, coated metal arc welding, and spot welding are recommended for C17510 copper alloy. Oxyacetylene welding is not recommended for this alloy. C17510 copper alloys can be hot worked between 648 and 885 degrees Celsius.

    C17510 beryllium copper alloys are highly preferred because they offer corrosion resistance, and its copper properties are high performance and high strength.

  • CuNi2Be – Beryllium nickel copper rod bar c17510 | New energy high current needle

    CuNi2Be – Beryllium nickel copper rod bar c17510 | New energy high current needle

    CuNi2Be—C17510 (CDA 1751) Nickel Beryllium Copper is the mirror image of alloys C17500 in terms of its properties & Characteristics. C17510 is also primarily utilized in the industry applications that require most highly thermal or electrical conductivity, which features a Nickel alloying addition (1.40-2.20%). C17510 also offers good strength and hardness characteristics coupled with conductivity in the range of 45-60 percent of copper with ultimate tensile and hardness properties approaching 140 ksi and RB 100 respectively.

  • C17500 beryllium cobalt copper plate

    C17500 beryllium cobalt copper plate

    Beryllium cobalt copper is widely used to make inserts and cores in injection moulds or steel moulds. When used as an insert in a plastic mold, it can effectively reduce the temperature of the heat concentration area, simplify or omit the design of the cooling channel. The excellent thermal conductivity of beryllium cobalt copper is about 3~4 times better than that of die steel. This feature can ensure rapid and uniform cooling of plastic products, reduce product deformation, unclear shape details and similar defects, and significantly shorten the production cycle of products in most cases.

  • Chromium Zirconium Copper C18150

    Chromium Zirconium Copper C18150

    Chromium Zirconium Copper

    Chromium-zirconium-copper (CuCrZr) chemical composition (mass fraction)% (Cr: 0.1-0.8, Zr: 0.3-0.6),hardness (HRB78-83),conductivity 43ms/m. Chromium-zirconium-copper has good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, high hardness, wear resistance, explosion resistance, crack resistance and high softening temperature. Its feature of low electrode loss during welding, fast welding speed, low total welding cost, then it is suitable for welding electrodes Related to pipe fittings, but general performance on electroplated workpieces is fair. This product is widely used in various materials for welding, conductive nozzles, switch contacts, mold blocks, and auxiliary welding devices in automobile, motorcycle, barrel (tank) and other machinery manufacturing industries.

  • Nickel Chromium Silicon Copper  Alloy C18000

    Nickel Chromium Silicon Copper Alloy C18000

    Nickel-chromium-silicon-copper alloy

    Use: Nozzles, cores, injection molds, thermoforming molds, welding, etc.

    Item No.:JS940

    Manufacturer: Jiansheng

    Chemical  composition: Ni :2.5%,Si:0.7%,Cr:0.4% Cu margin.

    Tensile strength: 689MPa

    Yield Strength: 517MPa

    Elongation: 13%

    Thermal conductivity:208W/M,K20°


    Characteristic: Does not contain beryllium, good tensile strength and thermal conductivity and annealing

  • Beryllium Cobalt Copper – ALLOY 10 (UNS C17500)

    Beryllium Cobalt Copper – ALLOY 10 (UNS C17500)

    Beryllium Cobalt Copper – ALLOY 10 (UNS C17500) is a high conductivity beryllium copper that has very similar mechanical properties to Alloy 3. However, this alloy has an additional alloying element of cobalt rather than nickel, giving it a slightly lower thermal conductivity and melting temperature.

  • C17200 Beryllium Copper Circle Plate, Alloy 25 Circles

    C17200 Beryllium Copper Circle Plate, Alloy 25 Circles

    Our Beryllium Copper C17200 Circle are having few good qualities like ductility, weldability, machinability, non-oxidizing acids resistant, electrical conductivity, etc. We provide it after conducting tests like PMI/IGC tests, pitting corrosion tests, toughness tests, etc.
    Beryllium Copper also called as spring copper or copper-beryllium or beryllium, bronze is a copper-based alloy with 0.5-3% content of beryllium and often other alloying elements. Beryllium Copper is combining greater tensile strength with non-sparkling and non-magnetic properties. It is having very good machining and forming features. It has many specialized purposes in tools for the dangerous atmosphere, precision measurement devices, aerospace, bullets, etc.

  • Easy Cut Beryllium Copper – ALLOY M25 (UNS C17300)

    Easy Cut Beryllium Copper – ALLOY M25 (UNS C17300)

    Alloy M25 ( UNS 17300) or Easy Cut Beryllium Copper is a free-machining high-performance copper-beryllium alloy. It is an excellent substitute for Alloy 25 if enhanced machinability is required.

    ypical Uses

    Electrical: Contact Bridges, Electrical Switch and Relay Blades, Electric Motor Components, Navigational Instruments, Clips, Electrical Connectors, Connectors, Relay Parts, Switch Parts, Fuse Clips

    Fasteners: Washers, Screws, Bolts, Retaining Rings, Roll Pins, Lock Washers, Fasteners

    Industrial: Spline Shafts, Pump Parts, Valves, Non Sparking Safety Tools, Flexible Metal Hose, Bushings, Rolling Mill Parts, Electrochemical Springs, Pumps, Shafts, Springs, Bellows, Welding Equipment, Diaphragms, Bourdon Tubing

    Ordnance: Firing Pins

    Density: 0.298 lb/in3 at 68 F


    Product Type Temper Type
    Bar ASTM B196Military Mil-C-21657
    Rod ASTM B196Military Mil-C-21657
    Wire ASTM B197
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