Beryllium Copper Sheet Plate Disk

    • We produce Seiko Beryllium copper We provide the parameters for each beryllium copper model

CuBe2-UNS.C17200 copper beryllium strips, with regard to CuCo2Be-UNS.C17500 Cobalt Beryllium Copper Strips, CuNi2Be-UNS.C17510 Nickel Beryllium Copper Strips, UNS. C17410 beryllium copper strips
Typical Applcations For Beryllium Copper Sheet/ Plate/ Disk
Electrical Switch and Relay Blades
Electrical connectors
Non-Sparking Safety Tools
Pump Parts
Bushings/Bearing for
Aerospace Industry
Aircraft Engine Parts
Bolts And Cams.
Clean the surface of the beryllium copper billet that meets the required width; conduct the first pickling of the beryllium copper billet; put the pickled beryllium copper billet into a heating furnace for heating at a heating temperature of 800-900C°; medium rolling: The heated beryllium copper billet is transferred to the rolling mill for intermediate rolling to obtain an intermediate copper plate; the intermediate beryllium copper plate is annealed at 800-850C°; the intermediate beryllium copper plate is pickled for the second time; drying; finishing rolling: The intermediate beryllium copper plate after the second pickling is moved to a rolling mill for finishing rolling to obtain a finished beryllium copper plate. The process effectively improves the efficiency and quality of the hot rolling of the beryllium copper sheet, and overcomes the surface defects of the beryllium copper sheet and the side bending of the beryllium copper sheet and strip.
Production Technology Advantage
All products of the company are made of high-quality new materials, advanced production equipment, and vacuum melting furnaces. The metal materials are smelted under vacuum conditions, which can achieve the effect of high-temperature smelting and avoid oxidation of metal and oxygen in the air. Function, quality is more guaranteed;
20MN double-action reverse extruder;
Equipped with comprehensive testing equipment such as universal testing machine, direct reading spectrometer, etc., to strictly control the quality and inspect layer by layer.

Chemical Composition


Executive standard:ASTM/GB/T5233-2001/EN12163(%max., unless shown as range or min.)

Numbering Be Co+Ni Cu Fe Pb Si Al
c17200  1.8-2.0  Co+Ni≥0.2  Margin  0.15  -  0.15  0.15
c17300  1.8-2.0  Co+Ni≥0.2  Margin  0.15  0.2-0.6  0.15  0.15
c17500  0.4-0.7  Co 2.4-2.7  Margin  0.15  0.15  0.15
c17510  0.2-0.6  Co≤0.3,Ni 1.4-2.2  Margin  0.15  0.15  0.15
QBe2.o  1.8-2.1  Ni 0.2-0.5  Margin  0.15  0.005  0.15  0.15
BeCo1Ni1  0.4-0.7  Co 0.8-1.3,Ni 0.8-1.3  Margin  0.02  -  0.05  0.04
Mechanical Properties And Conductivity Analysis
Numbering Tensile Strength /MPa Yield Strength /MPa Elongation % Hardness Conductivity %IACS
C17200 1160-1380 980-1240 3—15 36-42HRC 22-28
C17300 1160-1380 980-1240 3—15 36-42HRC 22-28
C17500 700-920 560-710 10—25 92-100HRB 45-60
C17510 700-920 560-710 10—25 92-100HRB 45-60
QBe2.0 1160-1380 980-1240 3—15 36-42HRC 18-20
BeCo1Ni1 700-920 560-710 10—25 92-100HRB 45-60

Available Status

Brush Name ASTM Name Description
A TB00 Solution annealing state (quenched state)
¼H TD01 Quarter hard
½H TD02 Half hard (semi-hard)
¾H TD03 Three-quarters hard
H TD04 Hard state (full hard)
AT TF00 Standard aging heat treatment in quenched state
¼HT TH01 Quarter hard standard aging heat treatment
½HT TH02 Half-hard standard aging heat treatment
¾HT TH03 Three-quarters hard standard aging heat treatment
HT TH04 Hard standard aging heat treatment (a process of comprehensive strengthening of deformation and aging)

Note: In the Brush name:

  • “A” represents the state of solution annealing (annealed, the alloy is in the softest state, easy to be stamped and formed, and needs to be cold worked or strengthened during the direct failure period);
  • “H” stands for cold processing state (hard);
  • “T” means that the material has been aging hardened by standard heat treatment (heat treatment means the state of aging strengthening heat treatment).

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